Are you thinking now what? Now what? All I ever do is work. No time for family. No time for friends. I am alone the children are all on their own. You took care of everyone but now what? If I can get into the shower without changing a diaper or wiping a running nose before 10 it will be the best day!  Then getting up at the crack of dawn just so you can have that cup of coffee and get dressed just so you have a few minutes of me time if you can call that me time! For some that is their free time!  The struggle is real raising children these days may seem like an unending battle between working to put food on the table and clothes on your family's backs. Being alone after years of being in control not of ourselves but of others is deafening. It can be so loud your ears hurt!  You're thinking I am not really worth anything to anyone right now! You feel lost whether you have children at home or not.

Is there more? There are so many reasons to say yes there is more! You are worth it! The good Lord has plans for you! Now you can do several things. You can chose to get the kit and put it in the closet and not open it that would be awful you would loose big time!  You could chose to do the business. Now for some doing the business it's all about money and that's ok there is nothing wrong with that!  Putting money into the hands of good people do good things! For me I love sharing and loving on other people. You can turn someone's day around while supporting good health. It is the most satisfying thing for me!   You can pay bills with the extra money! How good would that feel? You can do this business part time, full time, or while you are working. It really is up to you! What fits best in your life. You do not have to do the business and just love on the oils and all the other great products Young Living has for supporting a healthy lifestyle for you and your family!  The worst thing that could happen is you/or your children have a bad day and come home to relax with a diffuser going with your favorite oil like lavender!

This business is what you make of it. You can earn extra money to pay bills, earn enough money to pay for your oily habit, earn enough money to stay home with the kids, travel, spend more time with your significant other doing all the things you thought you would never be able to do. You can also just enjoy the products that Young Living have to offer!

The choice is yours! I will be glad to help!

God Bless


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