Postnestal Depression is very real to a lot of women. I was one of them! For so many years you are the chef, dish washer, taxi, therapist, disciplinarian, owie comforter, boo boo kisser. I could go on and on. As a mom this was your job what you did everyday. So now you are an empty nester. Now what? That's the question! What do you want to do? This was hard for me to figure out! It's not easy when all your focus was on your children. You feel lost out of place even if you have a full time job. Eventually, you will be ok. For some it takes longer than others that's ok! When the struggle is over you will feel like a fresh breath of air has entered your body! One thing you have to remember is that you are worth taking care of!  Don't let guilt stop you from wanting more for yourself!

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